Happy Birthday Lugano's Plan ₿

6 März 2023  —  News  —  von Luca Grassi
Presented to an international audience on March 3rd of last year, Lugano Plan ₿ celebrated its first anniversary last Friday at the Conza Pavilion

The unstoppable wave of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In front of over 600 attendees, Mayor Michele Foletti and Tether's CTO Paolo Ardoino took the stage at the Conza Pavilion, retracing the origins of the collaboration between the City of Lugano and Tether, which began one year ago. From the "legal tender de facto" of LVGA, Bitcoin, and USDT digital coins to educational projects, and upcoming challenges such as the inauguration of the Plan ₿ Hub in the city center.

Twelve months after the announcement, digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular in Lugano and have become "de facto" legal tender, being accepted as a means of payment at over 300 businesses and, very soon - as the Mayor recalled - for payments to the municipality as well. The City was a pioneer in adopting blockchain technology thanks to the issuance of a bond loan by the City of Lugano.

The Conza Pavilion during the first anniversary of Lugano Plan ₿.

The Conza Pavilion during the first anniversary of Lugano Plan ₿.

₿4B: Blockchain for Business

During the presentation, the importance of education was reaffirmed as necessary when approaching a new technology. Thanks to the agreement with the three universities (USI, SUPSI, and FUS) signed last October, educational activities related to this technology will be coordinated among the institutions. Among the proposals, the upcoming launch of "₿4B Blockchain for Business" was announced, a training program promoted by Lugano Living Lab to explore the potential of blockchain technology for businesses.

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