The Ticino Delegation of EXPO-EVENT was born!

28 Januar 2022  —  News  —  von Luca Grassi
The Ticino members of Expo Event Swiss LiveCom Association met for the first time in Lugano, in the presence of the President of the Expo Event, Christoph Kamber.

Unity is strength .. but in presence it's better!

In compliance with the current anti-covid rules, it was finally possible to organize the first Get Together among the nine representatives of the Ticino organizations and companies active in the sector of events and live communication Expo Event (see INSIDE News of July 2021).

After a brief introduction by President Christoph Kamber, a number of issues were addressed. Among them the current situation related to the pandemic and future prospects, a stronger presence of the Italian language on the website and in the various media of the Association, as well as the engagement in relation to sustainability, in particular, the importance of promoting the certification of both events and operators in this area.

In the end, the delegation hoped that this kind of meeting would become the first in a long series of collaborations and development in the sector.

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credit: Expo-Event

credit: Expo-Event