Lugano Capital of the Future: NFT Fest 2023 and the Digital Revolution

7 September 2023  —  News  —  von Luca Grassi
A trailblazing event that fuses art, innovation, and entertainment, catapulting Lugano into the bustling digital universe of blockchain and NFTs.

An in-person event immersed in the virtual realm

Thanks to the collaboration with the City and various local and international sponsors, Lugano is transforming into a vibrant epicenter of the digital future. The NFT Fest 2023 is an unprecedented event that will see the city's streets buzzing with avant-garde attractions, from immersive gaming to innovative experiences in the metaverse. A unique opportunity to explore the depths of the NFT world, experiencing up close the art and entertainment that are redefining the boundaries of virtual reality. An extraordinary showcase to experience today what will be the norm of tomorrow, immersing oneself in a universe where the digital meets and enriches the real world.

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Credit: NFT Fest

Credit: NFT Fest