A vision for Lugano. The new City Masterplan

25 Januar 2022  —  News  —  von Luca Grassi
In the last 50 years, the aggregation of 19 municipalities has led the city of Lugano to more than double its territory and population. The new City Master plan addresses this challenge by projecting the city to 2050.

Integrating the territory with the community and services

Enhancing the different identities of the aggregated villages. To plan the future of an area that is today heterogeneous in terms of landscape, economic activities and building structure. And above all to understand the vocation of the new Lugano in an integrated vision of its urban, agricultural, mountain and woodland areas, without forgetting the lake and the numerous waterways, but also the city's various driving sectors, including that of congresses and events. This is the ambitious project identified by the Municipality of Lugano a few years ago.

Finally, in September 2020, ratifying the decision of the panel of experts, the City Council assigned the three groups, Studio Paola Viganò, KCAP Architects & Planners and Consorzio Pensare Lugano, the task of drawing up a vision of the Municipal Master Plan.

The winning project, "Lugano2050: a vision and a plan proposal" turned out to be that of the Studio Paola Viganò group, which was presented on 24 January at the Palazzo dei Congressi in front of an audience of journalists and interested parties. The video of the presentation is available here

For those interested, an exhibition of the three finalist projects can be seen until 30 April 2022 in the Villa Saroli Park and Lemon House.

For more information visit the Municipal Master Plan website (in Italian only)

Presentation of the PDCom at Palazzo dei Congressi

Presentation of the PDCom at Palazzo dei Congressi