"There is a great desire to meet again" - Interview with Sacha Von Büren, head of the Palazzo dei Congressi

31 März 2022  —  Focus  —  von Silvia Onorato
A talk with Sacha Von Büren, head of the Palazzo dei Congressi, Villa Ciani and the other Lugano Conventions facilities. A look at current challenges and future trends.

Lugano, 90 years of hospitality and events.

Sacha Von Büren has been responsible for the City of Lugano's facilities for events and congresses, both local and international, for a decade. We talked to him about the pandemic's impact on events, the innovations it has brought, and the future of the sector.

Lugano has a long tradition of hosting and organising events - to give a few examples, Lugano hosted the Swiss Fair (from 1933 to 1953, at the Campo Marzio), but also the first edition of Eurovision (in 1956, in the former Kursaal Theatre, a short walk from the Palazzo dei Congressi). What makes Lugano a popular location for event organisers, in your opinion?

Its blend of internationality in a very "local" atmosphere; the fact that most of the facilities, hotels and many tourist attractions are within walking distance; Swiss security and precision, but at the same time a very Mediterranean atmosphere, make Lugano an almost unique location for small to medium-sized congresses. Lugano has a reputation as an expensive destination, being Swiss, but this is also synonymous with quality, security and economic stability, all qualities that facilitate the organisation of major events such as those mentioned above and many others followed to the fore by the City of Lugano's Events and Congresses Division.

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