The AGIRE Foundation, a driver of regional innovation, celebrates its 10th anniversary

Thu, 02/03/2022 - 17:45  —  News  —  by Luca Grassi
To celebrate the anniversary, a major online event was held yesterday, on February 2, 2022, with stories and testimonials on the theme of innovation. Among the speakers were State Councillor Christian Vitta and the President of AGIRE, Luca Bolzani.

Not just the Technopole...

Last December the Agire Foundation, which was set up as an agency of the Canton Ticino with the aim of promoting innovation and technological development in our region, celebrated its first ten years. It was an opportunity to take stock of the situation in Ticino, but also to look at future projects, in particular the Innovation Park, which should finally have its own premises in Bellinzona, in the new Officine district. The last - but not least - initiative to celebrate this jubilee was the online event open to the public on YouTube, which saw the participation of State Councillor Christian Vitta, the current president of AGIRE, Luca Bolzani, and the first president Giambattista Ravano.

In addition, to mark this anniversary, the new issue of the magazine Ticino Welcome has come out with a supplement entirely dedicated to the Fondazione Agire and Innovation in Ticino. You can read it on the Ticino Welcome website.

The video recording of the online event is available here

Credit: SUPSI

Credit: SUPSI