LVGA/XY ASTRO FLOWERS: The Metaverse Meets Nature

Mon, 09/04/2023 - 16:10  —  News  —  by Luca Grassi
The artist Yuri Catania reinvents the landscapes of Lugano, merging street art with augmented reality.

Yuri Catania, an Italo-Swiss visual artist, recently unveiled his street art piece "LVGA/XY ASTRO FLOWERS" at the Palazzo dei Congressi, during the Lugano NFT Festival. The artwork, crafted with the support of Lugano Living Lab, melded the breathtaking nature of Parco Ciani with advanced WEB 3.0 technology concepts, bringing to life a 42m x 8m eco-sustainable mural through a street art technique called Paste-Up. Collaborating with local volunteers, Catania crafted a life-size collage of nocturnal photographs of the park's plants and flowers, and digital images of astronauts, symbolizing modern-day heroes navigating space through technology and science.

The mural is not just a physical installation, but has also been digitized and tokenized to be gifted to the municipality of Lugano, thereby allowing its preservation in the city's metaverse and augmented viewing through mobile devices, enriching the experience with multimedia content created by the artist, accessible via the free Artivive app. This innovative fusion of art and technology highlights a harmonious interaction between nature and innovation, and underscores the central role of current themes such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies in contemporary art.

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