Hosting events in the time of Coronavirus

Following the provisions issued by the authorities, we invite our users to consult the updated information and recommendations on the Canton's Public Health Division website as well as the Federal Office of Public Health website.

Lugano Eventi is the official platform that shows the complete list of events taking place in Lugano. It is constantly updated to inform the public and professionals about potential changes of the event schedule.

New guidelines and space layout

In compliance with National healthcare measures and safety distance ordinances, Lugano Convention & Exhibition venues have reviewed the capacity of their rooms and atria to be able to safely welcome its guests. For congresses, seminars, meetings, training courses and exams we guarantee a minimum required space per person in well-ventilated and disinfected large rooms.
We provide the following items in each room: 

- signs with indications about the maximum room capacity and the safety requirements

- an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

- a stand provided with latex glove boxes, disposable paper, disinfectant liquid for surfaces as well as for hands.

Clean and safe  Clean and safe   Clean and safe


In-Person Events

We are convinced about the importance of carrying out events that, in full compliance with the health regulations in force, allow participants to meet in person. Below you will find some events that took place in the Lugano Convention & Exhibition facilities during the health emergency period.

Events in digital format

Due to current cantonal provisions regarding major events, we are aware of the difficulties in organizing large national/international events, even though many organizers are looking for new and affordable alternatives; from our side, we can propose a tested and feasable solution, which is Live Video Streaming events: thanks to referenced technical partners and an ideal location, broadcasting online your event to a large audience will be a smooth and easy process. Here are some examples.


Below you can find official documents provided by Cantonal authorities. All documents are in Italian.