Ambassador Programme

What is the Ambassador Programme?

The Ambassador Program is a set of activities, tools and support services designed to provide Ambassadors with the necessary know-how and assist them in attracting new conferences to our destination.

Who is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an important person, authoritative and active in his/her professional field. As an "ambassador" of a specific destination, the Ambassador proactively operates with local and international stakeholders to put forward a bid to event organizers such as associations and institutions in order to gain the realization of a congress event in that destination.

What are the advantages of becoming an Ambassador?

  • Support in identifying the congresses to apply for.
  • Help in making the bid, including budget analysis, searching for possible sponsors and contact with local and international media.
  • Institutional support (letters of support, eventual City sponsorship) and any other information and assistance that may help the ambassador to gain a future conference edition.
  • General training on our destination: access to general information (tourist, economic, social, etc.) as well as relevant data on past editions of the conference.
  • Increase in his/her own prestige and that of the local scientific community of reference at both national and international level.
  • Opportunity to develop scientific projects, know-how and in general, professional network.


If you are interested in the Ambassador Program, do not hesitate to contact us:

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